Many of our staff have graduated from AVMA technician programs or hold degrees in animal science from various universities and colleges. Many of our nurses are Certified Veterinary Technicians (CVTs), credentialed through the Rhode Island Veterinary Technician Association ( To become certified, technicians must achieve specific levels of experience and education, and pass a comprehensive examination. CVTs are required to attend 12 hours of continuing education and recertify every year through the RIVTA.

Some technicians further their education to become a veterinary technician specialist (VTS). Similar to our board-certified veterinarians, these technicians invest years of experience and preparation to specialize in various areas under the guidelines of their specific academy and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America ( This preparation qualifies the technician to sit for a rigorous certifying examination. OSVS is proud to have VTSs in the areas of emergency and critical care (ECC), neurology (neuro), and small animal internal medicine (SAIM).

OSVS provides extensive in-house continuing education for our technicians and technician assistants. This is one of the many reasons that OSVS attracts the best kind of people – those who have a sincere desire to be good at what they do and provide excellent care to our very special patients. OSVS is a team of dedicated, educated, and caring individuals that work closely together to provide advanced veterinary medicine combined with compassionate client care. Please feel free to ask questions or voice your concerns to any of our employees, we are here to help clients and their pets feel safe and cared for.

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