Sam got very sick at the end of May 2023. Because of his symptoms and the prognosis, the options were end-of-life care or finding a canine oncologist to test for cancer. Ocean State was the only specialist veterinary clinic within comfortable driving distance from where we live.

The results from his tests at OSVS showed that his red blood cell counts had dropped so low that it was best for him to stay overnight to prep for the transfusion and his first dose of chemo. I picked him up the next day, and, well…the pictures tell a better story than I could. The picture of him in the doughnut is two days after that treatment. The walk in the grass is six days later, and he looks like he’s smiling!

The beach picture is one month after, when he had the energy to go on a longer walk. I never thought I would be dealing with this type of illness with Sam, but I’m so grateful to the staff at OSVS. They have always been so friendly and helpful as we’ve navigated the diagnosis and treatment process. While driving my dog to chemo once a week isn’t my favorite activity ever, I know that Sam is getting the absolute best care. Plus, he gets car rides out of our trips, which he enjoys very much.

Some of Sam’s favorite things include naps, walks and hikes, and the water (he’s originally from the Texas gulf coast, and he still likes the waves.) He’s never been one to turn down a treat, either. The last picture is Sam running around our yard. He’s gotten the zoomies twice this week; something he hasn’t had the energy for since he got sick. Thank you so much to the blood donor and to all the staff at OSVS! Because of the treatment, Sam has gained some lost weight back and now has enough energy to run around like a crazy dog, and I’m enjoying every day I can with him.