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Blizzard & Snowball’s Story

No one ever wants to have to go to Ocean State oncology, usually not a good sign for your pet. But when you have a vet like Dr. Alexander, it makes such a difference. From my first visit, he was so very kind, warm, caring and empathetic. He explained what he thought he could do [...]

Riley’s Story

I will never forget the day in May 2020, when my veterinarian told me that my sweet Riley had aggressive T-cell lymphoma. He told me likely she would have 3 weeks to live and my world shattered. I was heartbroken. My vet suggested I speak to Dr. Alexander to better understand Riley’s diagnosis. Bringing Riley [...]

Frodo’s Story

When the love of my life, Frodo, was diagnosed with cancer, I was beyond devastated. It was the worst day of my life. Like any good dog mom, I immediately had my laptop cracked open so I could google veterinary oncologists in my area. I wanted only the best care for my Frodo, and I [...]

Norm’s Story

Norm,  a 10 year old Boxer mix, was evaluated on an emergency basis after he collapsed at home. On triage, the emergency clinician found fluid around Norm’s heart. The cardiologist confirmed this finding as well as a tumor on his right atrium.  The fluid was around the heart was removed which temporarily relieved Norm’s clinical [...]

Gretel’s Story

Gretel is a 6 year old Vizsla who was diagnosed with lymphoma (a cancer that arises from cells of the body’s immune system) in September, 2012. Lymphoma is a far too common form of cancer that usually results in an enlargement of the lymph nodes (glands located throughout the body), often with no other symptoms. [...]

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